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CliFrotz is a Z-machine interpreter for PalmOS (RC2), created by Fangorn.

CliFrotz is based on the Frotz v2.43 interpreter. Frotz is an Interactive Fiction interpreter that plays Z-Machine (Infocom, Inform, Z-Code) games such as Zork and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. CliFrotz supports V1-V8 games and V6 MG1 graphics.

It requires a hi-res screen, OS4 or later, an expansion card and the large dynamic memory area available from OS4 onwards.

If your handheld does not meet these requirements, you may want to try Frobnitz, PilotFrotz or Kronos.

Principal Features in CellarDoor:

  • Support for Z-Code V1-V8 games and V6 MG1 graphics.
  • Support for expansion card (MemoryStick, SD, MMC); game files don't need to be converted to .pdb database files.
  • Landscape support (Tungsten, UX50, Tapwave)
  • Tungsten Navigator support.
  • Hires font & colour support for OS5 and OS4 Clies.
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  • Word List
  • Quetzal save files