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Dmagnetic verysmall.jpeg
Author(s) Thomas Dettbarn
Original release April 14th, 2019
Last release 0.32
Platform(s) Anything with a C compiler
Language(s) English
License(s) BSD 2-Clause
Color effects yes
Graphics ANSI, ASCII, sixel, UTF-8
Sound/Music none


Since its first release in early 2019, dMagnetic is a Magnetic Scrolls interpreter for modern devices. Its main goal is being as portable as possible, and can be found in various operating systems as a pre-compiled package. Instead of relying on graphical libraries such as GTK, QT or SDL, it is designed to run the games in a terminal window.

Input Formats

Being an interpreter, dMagnetic needs the original game binaries to play them. Since release 0.32, it is capable of reading them in one of the following formats:

  • .mag/.gfx files (from the Magnetic Scrolls Memorial)
  • MS DOS directories
  • C64 Disk images (D64)
  • Magnetic Windows Resource Files
  • Amstrad CPC disk images (DSK)
  • Spectrum128/Spectrum+3
  • Acorn Archimedes
  • AtariXL/Atari800 ATR image files
  • Apple II NIB/2MG/WOZ files

Graphical Modes

Magnetic Scrolls was known for its beautiful graphics. dMagnetic is capable of displaying them, on its own, in the terminal window.

  • none - does not render the graphics
  • monochrome - Renders images as ASCII Art
  • low ansi - Renders images in 16-Color ANSI Art
  • high ansi - Truecolor graphics
  • sixel - High Resolution graphics
  • utf - Uses UTF-8 characters to render the pictures


  • Debian/Ubuntu: % apt-get install dmagnetic
  • OpenBSD: % pkg_add dmagnetic



dMagnetic 0.23, running "The Guild of Thieves" in sixel mode.

Dmagnetic023guild lowansi.png

dMagnetic 0.23, running "The Guild of Thieves" in low ansi mode.