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Engine Name Website Last Updated User Interface Scripting Language IDE Game File Format Complexity Can Self-Publish Titles Open Source
ADL http://adl.sourceforge.net ? Parser ADL No ADL Medium Yes Yes
ADRIFT http://www.adrift.co/


6/6/2016 Parser None, visual Download ADRIFT Low Yes Yes
Adventure https://github.com/adrian-prantl/adventure 11/28/2015 Parser Prolog No HTML/JavaScript Medium to High Yes, under AGPL terms Yes
Adventure Book http://web.archive.org/web/20071120072512/http://www.ingold.fsnet.co.uk/adbook.htm ? Choice-Based None, visual Download ADV, Z-machine, Standalone Low Yes
adventure.lua https://github.com/shawndumas/adventure.lua 9/26/2013 Parser Lua No Lua Low to Medium Yes Yes
Adventuron https://eeyo.io/adv781 ? Parser ? Web HTML/JavaScript ? Yes No
AdvSys http://mirrors.ibiblio.org/interactive-fiction/articles/byte87_betz.html ? Parser Unnamed Lisp-like language No AdvSys Medium Yes
Aetheria https://github.com/komoku/aetheria 3/11/2017 Parser Beanshell Download Aetheria Medium to High Yes Yes
Aiee! http://markdamonhughes.com/Aiee/ 10/19/2004 Parser XML-esque No Java Low Yes
Alan http://www.alanif.se/ 10/2/2016 Parser Alan Download Alan Low Yes
AXMA Story Maker http://sm.axmasoft.com/ ? Hyperlink-Based Visual, JavaScript Download or Web HTML/JavaScript Low Yes, if you buy AXMA
Blink! http://bloomengine.com/blink/ ? Hyperlink-Based Unnamed Language No HTML/JavaScript Low Yes
ChoiceScript https://www.choiceofgames.com/make-your-own-games/choicescript-intro/ 11/7/2017 Choice-Based ChoiceScript Third-party Download HTML/JavaScript Low Yes, if your game is released for free or you work out a revenue-sharing model Yes, but the license is restrictive
Choose Your Story http://chooseyourstory.com 2017 Choice-Based Visual, Unnamed Language Web N/A Low to Medium No
CLI Adventure Games http://thejackalofjavascript.com/text-based-adventure-games/ 12/13/2017 Parser JavaScript No Node.js Medium Yes
Curveship http://curveship.com/


3/31/2011 Parser Python No Python Medium to High Yes Yes
Dendry https://github.com/dendry/dendry 7/12/2015 (never finished) Hyperlink-Based Dendry No, but plugins are available for various code editors HTML/JavaScript Low to Medium Yes Yes
Dialog https://linusakesson.net/dialog/index.php 1/23/2019 Parser Dialog No Z-machine Medium Yes Yes
egamebook https://github.com/filiph/egamebook 1/21/2019 Choice-Based Dart, various definition languages No HTML/JavaScript Medium to High Yes Yes
Enter the Story http://enterthestory.com/

Save any story webpage to download the engine.

2013 Choice-Based JavaScript No HTML/JavaScript Medium Yes
Erasmatron Web Archive Link 5/23/2000 Graphical, Choice-Based None, visual Download (only a demo was ever released publicly) Erasmatron High Yes, if you can obtain a version that can compile storyworlds No
Ficdown https://ficdown.com


5/22/2018 Choice-Based Markdown No EPUB or HTML/JavaScript Low Yes Yes
Flux Defunct 2015 Parser None, visual Web N/A Low No
Fungus http://fungusgames.com 1/14/2018 Graphical, Menu-Driven Visual, optional scripting via Unity Visual editor embedded in Unity Anything Unity supports Low to High Yes
Gamefic https://github.com/castwide/gamefic 7/31/2017 Parser Ruby No Ruby Medium Yes Yes
gist-txt https://github.com/potomak/gist-txt 12/15/2015 Hyperlink-Based Markdown No Markdown Low Yes, if you host your own copy of the interpreter Yes
HERITAGE https://notabug.org/SylvieLorxu/HERITAGE 7/4/2015 Parser HERITAGE No HTML/JavaScript Low to Medium Yes
Hoot http://ratfactor.com/misc/hoot/hoot.html 2013 Hyperlink-Based Hootscript Web HTML/JavaScript Low Yes
Hugo http://www.generalcoffee.com/hugo/gethugo.html 1/10/2006 Parser Hugo No Hugo Medium Yes Yes
Icicle Engine http://icicle-engine.org/ In development FPS-Style Unknown Visual editors Icicle Low to Medium Yes
Infinite Story http://infinite-story.com/ 6/19/2012 Choice-Based None, visual Web N/A Low No
Inform http://inform7.com/

http://inform-fiction.org/ (Inform 6)

12/24/2015 Parser Inform Download Z-machine, Glulx Low to Medium Yes Yes (Inform 6)
Ink https://www.inklestudios.com/ink/


10/4/2018 Hyperlink-Based Ink Yes JSON (runtimes exist for JavaScript and Unity) Low Yes Yes
InkleWriter http://www.inklestudios.com/inklewriter/ ? Choice-Based None, visual Web HTML, JSON, PDF, or Word Low Yes, once you've paid to have your story converted
InquisitorIF https://github.com/Orihaus/InquisitorIF 1/4/2017 Hyperlink-Based Inquisitor No HTML/JavaScript Medium Yes Yes
INSTEAD http://instead.syscall.ru/index.html 2/10/2018 Graphical, Hyperlink-Based, Menu-Driven, and/or Parser Lua No INSTEAD Medium Yes
Interactive Fiction Markup Language (IFML) http://sourceforge.net/projects/ifml 2002 (unlikely to work on modern versions of Java) Parser IFML (XML-esque) No Java Low Yes Yes
Interactive Story https://www.interactive-story.com/is/ 12/24/2015 Menu-Based None, visual Web N/A Low No
JACL http://code.google.com/p/jacl/ 11/17/2014 Parser JACL No HTML/JavaScript Medium Yes Yes
Materialistic Interactive Fiction Engine Defunct 3/11/2015 Parser Common Lisp No MIFE Game Low to Medium Yes
ngPAWS http://www.ngpaws.com/


1/20/2018 Parser Visual, JavaScript Download HTML/Javascript Low Yes Yes
nScripter and ONScripter http://unclemion.com/onscripter/


2/23/2018 (nScripter)

10/9/2011 (ONScripter)

Graphical, Choice-Based nScripter No nScripter Medium Yes Yes (ONScripter)
Project PD http://projectpd.blogspot.com/?m=0 3/19/2012 Graphical, Menu-Driven None, visual Download PD Low Yes
PyF https://code.google.com/p/pyf/ 12/3/2009 Parser Python, XML No Python Medium Yes Yes
Python Adventure Writing System http://members.nuvox.net/~zt.wolf/PAWS.htm ? Parser Python No Python Medium Yes
Python Universe Builder http://py-universe.sourceforge.net/ 3/22/2013 Parser Python No Python Medium Yes Yes
QUEST 3/4/QuestNet http://textadventures.co.uk/quest/desktop (under previous versions)


2009 Parser ASL Download Quest Low to Medium Yes
QUEST 5 http://textadventures.co.uk/quest


2/22/2018 Parser Visual or QUEST Download Quest, can be converted to HTML/JavaScript Low Yes Yes
QuestML http://questml.com/ 9/2007 Choice-Based QuestML Optional download HTML/JavaScript Low Yes
Ramus http://ramus.notimetoplay.org/ 4/24/2013 Hyperlink-Based JavaScript No HTML/JavaScript Medium Yes
Rapid Adventure Game Creation System (RAGS) http://ragsgame.com 1/21/2015 Graphical, Menu-Driven None, visual Download RAGS Low Yes
Ren'Py http://renpy.org


10/17/2019 Graphical, Choice-Based Python No Python Medium to High Yes Yes
Salet https://salet.su/ 02/11/2017 Choice-Based Javascript No HTML/JavaScript Low to High Yes Yes
ScottKit https://github.com/MikeTaylor/scottkit 11/16/2017 Parser Unnamed Language No Scott Adams Low to Medium Yes Yes
Smash http://www.rinkworks.com/smash/ 9/27/2007 Parser Smash Yes Smash Low Yes
Squiffy http://textadventures.co.uk/squiffy


11/22/2017 Hyperlink-Based Markdown, JavaScript Download or web HTML/JavaScript Low Yes Yes
Story Explorer https://robsprojects.co.uk/apps/storyexplorer/ 8/2/2014 Hyperlink-Based None, visual Web N/A Low No
StoryNexus http://www.storynexus.com/s 12/8/2013 Choice-Based None, visual Web N/A Low to Medium No
StoryStylus https://storystylus.com ? Graphical, Menu-Driven None, visual Silverlight, web Flash Low to Medium No, costs $20/month to use authoring system No
Storyteller http://storytellerjs.blogspot.com.au 4/28/2014 Hyperlink-Based JavaScript No HTML/JavaScript Low to Medium Yes
Storytron http://www.storytron.com/


12/1/2018 Graphical, Choice-Based None, visual Download Storytron High Yes Yes
SUDS https://web.archive.org/web/20150103040350/http://sudslore.org:80/ 10/20/2007 Parser, Optional Menu None, visual Download SUDS Low Yes
TADS http://www.tads.org/

http://www.tads.org/tads2.htm (TADS 2)

5/16/2013 Parser TADS Download TADS, HTML/JavaScript (TADS 3) Medium to High Yes
Tale https://github.com/irmen/Tale 1/20/2018 Parser Python No Python Medium to High Yes Yes
TAVERN http://zzo38computer.org/fossil/tavern.ui/ 8/7/2017 Parser Forth-like No TAVERN

(Hamster archive-based)

High Yes
Text Adventure Engine https://github.com/ManzDev/text-adventure-engine 3/19/2014 Parser JSON No PHP Low Yes Yes
TextAdventure.js https://github.com/TheBroox/TextAdventure.js 11/17/2017 Parser JavaScript No Node.js Low Yes Yes
Texture https://texturewriter.com/


5/5/2017 Hyperlink-Based None, visual Web HTML/JavaScript Low Yes Yes (Reader only)
Tinsel https://github.com/lazerwalker/tinsel 12/18/2015 Choice-Based Ruby No Ruby Medium Yes Yes
Toothrot https://github.com/toothrot-if/toothrot 8/24/2018 Choice-Based or Hyperlink-Based Markdown-like language, JavaScript Download HTML/JavaScript Low to Medium Yes Yes
Twine http://twinery.org/ 1/30/2018 Hyperlink-Based Visual, JavaScript Download or web (2.0) HTML/JavaScript Low to Medium Yes Yes
Tworld (Seltani's engine) https://github.com/erkyrath/tworld 12/6/2015 Hyperlink-Based Visual, Python Built-in Python Medium to High Yes, if you run your own server Yes
Undum https://github.com/idmillington/undum 10/11/2018 Hyperlink-Based JavaScript No HTML/JavaScript Medium to High Yes Yes
Varytale Defunct 2012 Hyperlink-Based Visual, JavaScript-esque Web N/A Low No No
Visionary https://web.archive.org/web/20160428141653/http://www.therealeasterbunny.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/visionary.htm 12/17/2011 Parser None, visual Download Scott Adams Low Yes
Wander Renga In Blue Blog Post 4/25/2015 Parser Unnamed Language No Wander Low Yes
Wibble Quest http://orta.io/WibbleQuest/ 1/17/2012 Parser Objective-C No, XCode project included iOS Medium to High Yes
Windrift https://github.com/lizadaly/windrift 12/20/2018 Hyperlink-Based JavaScript No HTML/JavaScript Medium Yes Yes
WinPAW http://www.winpaw.com/ 8/12/2006 Parser Unnamed Language Yes PAW Low to Medium Yes No
XVAN https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1edjyk98d5ijo8w/AABy8LWAFLaAuackejlbpsaia?dl=0 3/28/2018 Parser XVAN No XVAN Medium Yes Yes
Yarnspin https://mattiasgustavsson.itch.io/yarnspin 3/3/2018 Choice-Based Unnamed Language Download Yarnspin (text file) Low Yes
ZILF http://zilf.io/ 2/3/2018 Parser ZIL and MDL (vaguely Lisp-like) VS Code extension Z-machine Medium to High Yes Yes