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FrobTADS Linux.png
Developer Nikos Chantziaras
Type Interpreter, Authoring system
Stable release 1.2.3
Development release n/a
Operating system Linux/Unix, Mac OS X, AmigaOS, BeOS, Haiku, more.
Written in C++, C
License(s) Freeware
Website FrobTADS homepage

FrobTADS is a version of TADS for Unix, including development tools and supporting libraries, written and maintained by Nikos Chantziaras. It's built to modern Unix standards, and includes automatic configuration for easy installation on all Linux versions and most other current Unix systems.

The interpreter ("frob") supports most of the latest text-only TADS user interface features, including colored text and backgrounds, TADS 3 banner windows, and timed input.

FrobTADS replaced an older Unix port of TADS, originally created by Dave Baggett in the late 1980s and maintained over the years by several successors. Unix has evolved considerably since Dave's original work, and it eventually got to the point that it made more sense to start with a clean slate, developing a new version from the ground up to modern Unix standards.

It is known to run on Linux, *BSD, Solaris, BeOS, Haiku, Mac OS X and MorphOS.