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IF Collaborators List

Nicholas Daley of New Zealand is the list's founder and original maintainer. The list was then taken over by Jay Goemmer for several years, and is now maintained by Mike Snyder on the IF-Wiki.

This is a list of people who are willing to work with others to create Interactive Fiction. The most recently added or updated entries are listed in order by date.

Here, you can:

  • Contact someone from the list, to collaborate on an IF project.
  • Add, update, or remove your name and info by emailing Mike Snyder.
  • Add, update, or remove your name and info by editing this page.

Note: 15 Feb 2007 -- Please remember that when editing a profile on this page, it should be moved to the top of the Current Collaborator's section (and removed from wherever it was before). Edit the "Updated" date (if this is the first update to the profile, unbold the "Added" date and make the "Updated" date bold). Use one blank line between the section header and the first profile, and two two blank lines after each profile (otherwise the WIKI displays one profile directly after another, with no whitespace). Also, let's consider 18 months "active" and any profile not updated in that time "dormant". An update can be just a move to the top with a new updated date (a kind of "hey, nothing has changed, but I'm still here" thing). Let's try 3 years for the deletion of dormant collaborators. Thanks!

Current Collaborators

  • Dave Chapeskie -- Added: 20 Aug 2006 -- Updated: 5 May 2009
  • Email: ifcol [AT] (nospam)ddm[DOT]wox.org
  • Can work on: Programming
  • Ideas: Sort-of
  • Programming Systems Preferred: Inform 7
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Misc: I'm a software engineer. I'd like to write some IF in Inform 7 but I lack the literacy writting skills to produce a good quality work on my own. I'm especially interested in writing something for Guncho. My preferred genre is (hard) science fiction.

  • Valzi -- Added: 29 May 2007
  • Email: valzibacktrack[AT]gmail[dot]com
  • Can work on: Writing, beta-testing.
  • Ideas: Full of them.
  • Programming Systems Preferred: Inform 7, TADS 2.
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Home Page URL: valzi.hg3.org
  • Misc: I especially love the idea of working on very collaborative projects like "Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle" and "Coke is It."

  • Cassy Palop -- Added: 27 Feb 2007 -- Updated: 1 Mar 2007
  • Email: cassandrapalop [AT] gmail .com
  • Can work on: Cover art, Writing, the typical tasks for a Story Consultant, Beta testing and more.
  • Ideas: Yes, and lots of them.
  • Programming Systems Preferred: perhaps Inform 7, but I rarely program.
  • Spoken Languages: English (but I'm not a native English speaker), Catalan, Spanish.
  • Home Page URL: N/A
  • Misc: As I'm currently involved in a project I can't write anything else. Nonetheless, I may provide advice in topic areas such as story and plot. Additionally, I am willing to draw the cover art (and other things) for a work of interactive fiction. (And if the story is convincing enough, even for free).

  • Nima -- Added: 27 Oct 2005 -- Updated: 15 Feb 2007
  • Email: nimaranjbar [AT] gmail .com
  • Can work on: Programming
  • Ideas: Can brainstorm
  • Programming Systems Preferred: GLPro and C (Win32, Palm, GBA).
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Home Page URL: N/A
  • Misc: Interested in commercial projects.

  • David Lodge -- Added: 18 Sep 2006 -- Update N/A
  • Email: dave [AT] cirt .net
  • Can work on: Programming, proof reading
  • Ideas: Not really
  • Programming Systems Preferred: Owt
  • Home Page URL: N/A
  • Misc: I'm actually looking on helping porting of classic text adventures, so that we can tap the big mine of old stuff out there. I've worked on a lot of re-rendering graphics from Scott Adams, to the Hobbit, to GAC. In terms of engines, I've helped with the extraction of data from C64, Spectrum and BBC files and written one interpreter (AScape for Adventurescape files).

  • Sara Brookside -- Added: 15 Apr 2006 -- Update: N/A
  • Email: jsh11a [AT] aol .com
  • Can work on: Programming, Authoring, Beta testing
  • Ideas: Yes
  • Programming Systems Preferred: Adrift, Inform
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Misc: I'm interested in beta-testing games and also on collaborating on IF authorship. My weaknesses lie on the programming side of things, while my strengths lie in writing, game design, character development, plot, story, proofreading, enhancing game setting, etc.

  • Ramona White -- Added: 28 Oct 2005 -- Updated: N/A
  • Email: randmengl [AT] gmail .com
  • Can work on: Authoring, Betatesting
  • Ideas: Some
  • Programming Systems Preferred: I have only done a little game programming and that was in Inform.
  • Spoken Language: English. I can understand some French and German though as I've studied these languages.
  • Misc: I have a lot of writing experience- some local and national publication-, proofreading experience, and betatesting experience. I enjoy games where you explore a building or area solving puzzles as you go. Some of my favorite games are Adventure, Building, and Son Of A...

  • Ben Kalman -- Added: 14 Dec 2002 -- Updated: 09 Aug 2005
  • Email: kergillian [AT] hotmail .com
  • Can work on: Programming, Authoring, Betatesting
  • Ideas: Yes
  • Programming Systems Preferred: Inform
  • Home Page URL: N/A
  • Misc: I'm mainly looking for someone to help write/program a game I'm working on. I'm also willing to collaborate on other people's works/designs, or beta-test any game in Inform or TADS.

Dormant Collaborators

  • Gil Williamson -- Added: 12 Dec 2002 -- Updated: 14 Jul 2005
  • Email: gil [AT] amazonsystems .co .uk
  • Can work on: Programming, Authoring
  • Programming Systems Preferred: I now have a game engine capable of delivering Myst-like adventures over the Internet, using HTML, Javascript and Java. See the 3-scene, no-end prototype at http://www.nascr.net/~fff/bridge/page11.htm
  • Home Page URL: http://www.amazonsystems.co.uk/
  • Misc: I am a fan and author of text adventures from 'way back. I'm buzzing with ideas, looking to develop this Myst-ish "multimedia" approach, but I've run out of steam on the adventure - it's so much work for one - and I need to exchange help and inspiration from artists, musicians and authors with time to spare. I started the work in 2001, but it has lain fallow since 2003 from lack of someone to bounce it off.

  • Douglas Harter -- Added: 17 Dec 2002 -- Updated: 09 July 2005
  • Email: djharter [AT] aol .com
  • Can work on: Programming
  • Programming Systems Preferred: AGT, TADS, Hugo, Quill/PAW
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Home Page URL: http://www.winpaw.com
  • Misc: It's been a while since I worked in anything other than Quill/Paw, but I can get back into it. Need authoring help in a game based on sci-fi author Philip Jose Farmer's "World of the Tiers" series.

  • Dave Bernazzani -- Added: 07 July 2005 -- Updated: N/A
  • Email: daveber [AT] gmail .net
  • Can work on: Programming, Authoring
  • Ideas: Yes
  • Programming Systems Preferred: Inform, TADS3
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Home Page URL: http://www.gis.net/~daveber/minform/c32.htm
  • Misc: I'm the author of 3 IF games to date - Identity (15th place IF Comp 2004), Moonglow and Catseye. I developed a miniaturized INFORM library (called mInform) and in late 2004 ran the Commodore 32 contest which challenged authors to create the best game possible using only 32K of code space. I'm looking for someone to help write a game for the 2006 IF competition. More specifically, I've got a game in mind (a western "ghost town" theme) and all I have so far is an introduction, a half-dozen puzzles and a map sketched on the back of an envelope. I'd prefer to see this game come to fruition but I'm fine with taking things in a different direction. My strength is in coding, not in writing and I could really use a hand with the prose and as well as crafting a believable game world (including fleshing out NPCs). I would prefer to work with someone that has Inform coding experience though a partner having good idea/writing skills is more important.

  • Tommy Herbert -- Added: 11 Aug 2004 -- Updated: 4 July 2005
  • Email: cavebloke [AT] excite .com
  • Can work on: Programming, Authoring, Betatesting
  • Ideas: Yes
  • Programming Systems Preferred: I can program in Inform. Obviously the language doesn't matter if you're the coder.
  • Spoken Language: English
  • Home Page URL: N/A
  • Misc: I wouldn't mind help completing Auden's Eden (runner-up, IntroComp 2004), or I have a couple of other ideas floating about, or I'm willing to work on your idea if it's good. I'd like to split both authoring and programming. I wouldn't enjoy just being the code-monkey for somebody else's text, but I'm perfectly willing to be the prose-monkey for somebody else's idea/design. I like strong plots or interesting places and tend to shy away from puzzle-fests. My favourite games are Galatea, Photopia and Spider and Web - like everybody else.

  • Walter Sandsquish -- Added: 23 June 2002 -- Updated: 4 July 2005
  • Email: sandsquish [AT] yahoo .com
  • Can work on: Programming, Authoring
  • Programming Systems Preferred: ALAN, Hugo
  • Home Page URL: http://www.geocities.com/sandsquish/
  • Misc: I'm looking for a partner to brainstorm, design, write and program with. I'm fine with any genre except sword and sorcery.

  • John Menichelli -- Added: 8 Aug 2002 -- Updated: 30 Jun 2005
  • Email: menichel [AT] cox .net
  • Can work on: Programming, Authoring, Betatesting
  • Ideas: Yes
  • Programming Systems Preferred: Inform
  • Home Page URL: N/A
  • Misc: I've beta-tested "Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina"; ported "Zork I" to Hugo; wrote "Not Just a Game," "Reverzi" (reversi/othello), and "ZTrek" for the Z-machine.