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Main article: IFWiki:Vandalism.

Content on this page was originally created on the IFWiki:Community Portal page.

Vandalism in 2005

  • Someone named Vasa26 has been spamming the ifwiki. It's very annoying. This user has spammed us on Oct 3 and Oct 22, 2005 (so far). All pages linked from the Main Page are altered unless they are protected. This user is not benign; he or she deletes content.
  • 2chemp has also spammed several pages (including this one), on Nov 14. This spammer does not appear to delete content.
  • DedMoroz6 replaced the entire Talk:Main Page page with spam on Dec 8, 2005.
  • Bounty, going by various addresses, spammed a bunch of previously-blank Talk: pages on 14 Dec 2005.
  • Kynilyator, spammed a bunch of Talk: pages on 18 Dec 2005.
  • Qolyan, spammed a bunch of Talk: pages on 18 Dec 2005.
  • Jopan spamming, 20 Dec 2005. Targets the same previously-blank Talk pages as Kynilyator, Qoylan and the user-id-deficient spammers; presumably either the same source or identical bots.
  • Alexxanderny spamming, 20 Dec 2005. Same pages as Jopan, Kynilyator, Qoylan, Bounty.
  • Silivia replaced all of Current events page with spam links on 24-Dec-2005.
  • Robindranatt spammed 8 pages on 24-Dec-2005, similar to those by Alexxanderny, etc.
  • JhonnyX spammed 8 pages on 26-Dec-2005, similar to those by Robindranatt, etc.
  • Mark1985 spammed 5 pages on 26-Dec-2005, similar to JhonnyX.
  • Zelipukinnen spammed pages on 27-Dec-2005, blah blah blah.
  • Serginandr spammed 2 talk pages on 06-Jan-2005 with fake urls for Northwest Airlines.