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* [http://zzo38computer.org/jszm/jszm.js jszm.js]
* [http://zzo38computer.org/jszm/jszm.js jszm.js]
* [http://zzo38computer.org/jszm/example.js Example Node.js front-end]
* [https://github.com/DLehenbauer/jszm GitHub repository with some enhancements]
* [http://zzo38computer.org/jszm/display.html Example HTML front-end] (defective)

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JSZM is a public-domain Z-machine implementation written in JavaScript, with ES6. It uses only pure JavaScript and does not use DOM or anything like that; it could be used with any front-end (HTML, XUL, Node.js, Synchronet, etc).


  • Based on Generator functions
  • Optional split-screen support (if implemented in front-end)
  • Optional scripting support (if implemented in front-end)
  • Optional save/restore games (JSZM serializes and deserializes; saving/restoring the serialized data must be implemented in front-end)
  • Optional status-line (JSZM tells the front-end the type (time or score) and the text and numbers to display, the front-end displays it)


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