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Note: Jesse's nickname on ifMud and IFWiki is "vaporware".

Author Credits

Tech Credits

  • ZLR at ZLR is a Z-machine interpreter that uses just-in-time compilation in an attempt to speed up complicated games.
  • Gave theoretical guidance and advice for Inform 7. Also provided some low-level library code, including porting Glulx support from the Inform 6 library and adding the "does the player mean" rulebook.
  • Wrote some Inform 7 extensions, including Dynamic Tables, Dynamic Objects, and Hypothetical Questions.
  • Wrote FyreVM, the Textfyre virtual machine.
  • Created Guncho, a mud that uses players' Inform 7 code. Original debuted as an April Fools Day joke in 2008, later revealed to be real the next day.
  • Wrote ZILF and ZAPF, a ZIL compiler and Z-machine assembler.

Organizational Credits


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TODO: vaporware lists on his ifmud profile the following IF work: Throw Zack's Computer Out The Window, YACC for Inform, ATC for Snack, Food for Thought. Can we find out some more detail on the ones we're missing?