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Games called Mansion or The Mansion:

  • The Mansion (Nick Dablin; 31-Jan-2004; Quest). PC inherits mansion when scientist uncle dies under suspicious circumstances.
  • The Mansion II (Nick Dablin; 01-Jul-2006; Quest). Sequel to The Mansion where the PC deals with the mysterious corporation implicated in his uncle's death.
  • The Mansion: Grandma Mild's Weekend of Telekinesis (Robert Chynoweth; Oct-2004; Z-code). PC inherits a mansion that seems to be alive. Written as a school assignment for the University of Michigan Dearborn.
  • La Mansión: Una Aventura Breve (Juan Sebastián Armas Maturana as "Incanus"; 06-Jan-2005; Z-code; Spanish).

Other games with the name Mansion:

  • Creepy Mansion (demo) (Kevin Lyons; 03-May-2005; MS-Windows/.NET).
  • Murder Mansion (Roy Lee as "Reelyor"; 21-May-2005; ADRIFT). ADRIFT Intro Comp 2005 entry.
  • Uncle's masion a.k.a. Uncle's Mansion (nick, harry and jack, collectively known as N!ck; 09-Aug-2003; Quest).
  • Zara's Mansion a.k.a. Zara's House (Xilef; 29-Oct-2004; ADRIFT 4). AIF.

Note: This is a disambiguation page.