PAX East 2011

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You should go. Last year rocked.

Things that will happen

We all go out to eat before PAX (Thursday night).

Meetup Room for Saturday

I have a meeting room reserved at the Westin for Saturday from 12 noon until 12 midnight, connected to the convention. It's 1,035sqft (41ft x 29ft) and can seat 26 to 100 people. In order to complete the reservation, I'd like to know that we plan to having a couple of panels, a speed-if, or some other discussions or demonstrations. The cost of the room is $750. I can cover at least half of that, but would prefer we spread the cost around to a number of people. I'm still waiting for the Internet access expense since that is in addition to the room request. We can also order food/beverages ahead of time from David Cornelson


I'd like to propose we do an open Speed-IF on Saturday. We'll do the madlib topic selections in the early afternoon and people have until 10pm to submit their works to me. - David Cornelson

Other events

  • An IF play event. (Basically a real-life ClubFloyd -- we throw a game up on a projector screen and give somebody the keyboard. Someone else reads the output out loud.)
  • Grue Street IF writer's workshop. (Somewhat modified to be a public event. People bring in-progress IF work, we play them together and critique.)

People planning to attend

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