PAX East 2011

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PAX East is an annual convention put on by the team at Penny Arcade. You should go. Last year rocked.

Things that will happen

We all go out to eat before PAX (Thursday night).

Meetup Room for Saturday

I have a meeting room reserved at the Westin for Saturday from 12 noon until 12 midnight, connected to the convention. It's 1,035sqft (41ft x 29ft) and can seat 26 to 100 people. In order to complete the reservation, I'd like to know that we plan to having a couple of panels, a speed-if, or some other discussions or demonstrations. The cost of the room is $750. I can cover at least half of that, but would prefer we spread the cost around to a number of people. I'm still waiting for the Internet access expense since that is in addition to the room request. We can also order food/beverages ahead of time from David Cornelson


I'd like to propose we do an open Speed-IF on Saturday. We'll do the madlib topic selections in the early afternoon and people have until 10pm to submit their works to me. - David Cornelson

Other events

  • An IF play event. (Basically a real-life ClubFloyd -- we throw a game up on a projector screen and give somebody the keyboard. Someone else reads the output out loud.)
  • Grue Street IF writer's workshop. (Somewhat modified to be a public event. People bring in-progress IF work, we play them together and critique.)

People planning to attend