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* [[Andrew Plotkin]]
* [[Andrew Plotkin]]
* [[Jesse McGrew]]
* [[Jesse McGrew]]
* [[Dan Fabulich]]
=== Maybe ===
=== Maybe ===

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IF Summit at PAX Prime 2010

[Penny Arcade PAX Prime] [PAX Prime official schedule]

Main planning discussion thread

IF Suite

Seattle IF Group will host an IF summit in a hotel close to PAX Prime.

IF Events

Panel Proposals

PAX ideas

Seattle IF has submitted three panel proposals; the deadline is June 26th, so it'll be probably a few weeks before we hear what's accepted:

Storytelling in the world of interactive fiction

Over the last few decades text adventures have evolved into interactive fictions, in which the focus is not only on puzzles but also on plot. Authors of interactive fiction discuss narrative gaming and design concepts -- reordered storylines, unreliable narrators, sympathetic and not so sympathetic characters -- and how they apply to other kinds of games. Panelists include: Dan Shiovitz, Robb Sherwin, Andrew Plotkin, Adam Cadre

Does conversation grow on trees?

Do gamers want more from their NPCs than fetch-quests and cleavage? Are there alternatives to conversation trees? Authors from the interactive fiction community and graphical game designers share their techniques for creating believable characters. Panelists include: Annie Carlson, Brian Mitsoda, Mike Roberts, Robb Sherwin.

Making stories worth playing

For years, interactive fiction authors have grappled with the often conflicting demands of story, gameplay, interactivity and immersion. Good stories are not always good games, and while simulation and emergent story can ease pressure on designers, they come with their own problems. Interactive fiction authors and graphical game designers unite to discuss their solutions. Panelists include: Deirdra Kiai, Annie Carlson, Andrew Plotkin, Adam Cadre.

IF suite ideas
  • The Best IF Games - Which and Why
  • Freedom in IF (freedom of action, freedom of author, freeness of software)
  • History of IF -> Current IF (The evolution of game style and player expectations)
  • What makes a good story -> What makes a good story become good IF (or a good game in general)
  • CYOA-Style vs Exploration-Style
  • Available Authoring Tools (Ease of use - bridging the gap between author and programmer)
  • Ways to Author - Transcript, Map-based, Scene-based, Collaborative
  • Dynamic NPCs
  • Narrative Techniques - From Fiction to Fallout 3
  • Interactivity and Immersion
  • Developing an IF system
  • Multiplayer IF
  • User Experiences on desktops, webs, and mobile devices (phone/tablet)

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