Paul Allen Panks

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Lives in Phoenix, Arizona in the USA. Also known as Dunric.

Author Credits

  • Adventure RD (1993; Commodore)
  • Westfront Vic-20 (unknown; VIC20)
  • Drakon River (1993; Commodore)
  • Sea Hunter (1994; Commodore)
  • Enchanter: West Front to Apse (1994; MSDOS; Commodore; BASIC)
  • Westfront II: Eight Trials of a Warrior (1994; Commodore)
  • Esotera: The Stones of Esotera (1999; Commodore)
  • Merlin's Quest (2002; Commodore)
  • Westfront 64 (2002; Commodore)
  • Mystic Castle (2002; Commodore)
  • Westfront Omega: The Amulet of Vega (27-Apr-2002; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • Silver Gauntlet (22-Apr-2002; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • Westfront to Apse II (13-Sep-2002; MSDOS; Commodore)
  • Chateu Le Mont (10-Oct-2002; MSDOS)
  • Orathan (2003; Commodore)
  • Mark... of the Vampire! (2003; Commodore)
  • Red Tag Clearance (17-Jan-2003; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • Shinan's Road (2003; Commodore)
  • The Magic Flute (10-Jul-2003; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • Dark Forest 1 (05-Dec-2003; Windows)
  • Dark Forest 2 (05-Dec-2003; Windows; MSDOS)
  • Halite (20-Dec-2003; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • Alesian Plains (2004; Commodore)
  • Ninja (2004; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • The Golden French Fry (2004; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • HLA Adventure (02-Jun-2004; Linux; Windows)
  • The Quest for Waitomo Cave (07-Jun-2004; BASIC; Windows)
  • Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder (17-Jun-2004; BASIC; Windows)
  • Dunric's 8k Adventure (23-Jun-2004; MSDOS; BASIC; TADS)
  • The Tiny BASIC 5k Adventure (26-Jun-2004; MSDOS)
  • Fairlight Castle (27-Jun-2004; MSDOS; BASIC)
  • The Melarkian (28-Jun-2004; BASIC)
  • B-Venture (3-Jul-2004; BASIC; MS-DOS; Commodore)
  • Space War!...and the PDP-1 (15-Jun-2005; MSDOS; BASIC)

Other Credits

Special Note

On June 8th 2005, Paul Panks promised a Wiki-page on himself and his achievements. This is the closest he has yet come to fulfilling this promise. The original post read as follows:

"I promose[sic] a page on Paul Panks, specifically on his game authorship, writing, usenet history and perspectives from groups, and Please also discuss his vision of Cotton Fitzsimmons predicting an NBA Title for the Phoenix Suns, his many visitations from ghosts and angels, plus his psychiatric stays and many hallucinations since 1995.

The Ghost Writer"

Quoting Paul Panks on June 15, 2005:

"Here's the deal: Andy Kaufman could never be me. He's a two-bit jokester, whereas I am the real thing. I don't pull punches, I don't eat turkey sandwhiches and I don't smoke. And I don't have cancer. I dream of programming a PDP-1, of walking on the moon, of swimming off the coast of Australia. I have two testicles, a brain and something else: my own genes to play with. I give out advice to those who can hear it, for all who hear my voices heareth the truth. What is truth, asks Pilate? F*ckin' A. What do you want? Reality?"