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{{engine infobox|title=QSP|image=|author=[[Valery Argunov]]|released=2004|last_release=2010|platform=Cross-platform|language=Russian|license=GPL v2|color=Possible|graphics=Possible|sound=Possible}}
{{engine infobox|title=QSP|image=|author=[[Valery Argunov]]|released=2001|last_release=2010|platform=Cross-platform|language=Russian|license=GPL v2|color=Possible|graphics=Possible|sound=Possible}}
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<div class="noautonum">__TOC__</div>
=Quest Soft Player=
=Quest Soft Player=

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Author(s) Valery Argunov
Original release 2001
Last release 2010
Platform(s) Cross-platform
Language(s) Russian
License(s) GPL v2
Color effects Possible
Graphics Possible
Sound/Music Possible

Quest Soft Player

Quest Soft Player is a text-based game developing system leaning towards the choice-based interface (there is an option to make a parser game). It includes a cross-platform player and a couple of utilities for game development.

Originally developed by Valery "Byte" Argunov, it has a big and stable Russian community.

The program is cross-platform, working on Windows, PocketBook, Android, Windows CE / Windows Mobile, Linux / Unix, MacOS, Sony PSP, BeOS / Haiku. The player is licensed under GPLv2, some utilities and libraries are LGPLv2.

There is a flavor of QSP named AeroQSP Shell for making Flash games, making QSP playable in a web browser.


QSP Player for Windows

Basic archive of the interpreter (Windows version) Version 5.7.0:

QSP Player for Android

Version of the interpreter for Android devices. Works on Android 1.6 and higher. Alpha version:

For those who do not have a Play Market:

QSP Player for MacOS

Version 5.7.0 alpha:

QSP Player for Linux

Version 5.7.0 corresponds to revision 63e49c6a47ffd027c926b81c35422a78d851a674

Linux x86

The basic archive of the interpreter for Linux x86 platforms. Built on Ubuntu 10.04

Linux x86_64

The basic archive of the interpreter for Linux x86_64 platforms. Built on Ubuntu 10.04

Player QSP CE

Version of the interpreter for Pocket PC 2003 - Windows Mobile 6.1 devices. Only QVGA displays are supported. Version 5.7.0 beta 0.7.1:


Port of the interpreter on the Sony PSP. Currently, graphics and sounds are not supported, otherwise it is a fully functioning platform on which you can play any QSP-games without restrictions.

QSP Player for PocketBook

QSP version for PocketBook (e-books). Developers Page: [fedorchenko.net]

AeroQSP Shell

QSP on Flash with enhanced graphics support. To work, you need a pre-installed Flash plug-in for Internet Explorer. Version

Quest Navigator

Quest Navigator is created as the next step in the development of the QSP platform, in place of the outdated classic player and AeroQSP. Author - Nex-Otaku(Леонид Черненко) Principal differences

  1. The content is rendered by means of the browser. There is full support of HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  2. Decoration is separated from the game code
  3. It is easier to port the player by moving the platform independent part of the logic into a common Javascript framework
  4. Support for mobile platforms (Android, iOS)
  • Universal player for Windows on the engine Awesomium Github
  • QSP library branch, modified for Quest Navigator Github
  • JS framework (core) Github
  • Library project for Android standalone applications GitHub


Faster than classic player. Author - Graylord.


Alternate player for qsp games.The interface is rewritten to Qt. Author - Sonnix. The new player should be fully compatible with the old one. Save games are compatible between the players. The player has all the functionality and settings from the original. There are also a couple of additional settings. You can enable the display of the html code of the current page. You can enable the autostart of the last downloaded game.

The player supports html5 and video. Versions:

Useful programs

Game editor QGen

Version 4.0 beta 1:

Source code:


Utility for converting text files to QSP format. Allows you to write games in any text editor.


GUI-shell for the utility TXT2GAM


  • QSP.su - the official site
  • Wiki - documentation and guides
  • Source code - source code on Github
  • QSP - page on the russian IFWiki