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[[Category: ADRIFT]]
[[Category: ADRIFT]]
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[[Category: Glossary]]
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[[Category: Interpreter]]

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A secondary clone of jAsea, the Java GPL clone of the Adrift runner by Mark J. Tilford. SCARE aims to provide an ANSI/ISO C core Adrift interpreter, portable enough to run on Linux, Windows, DOS, Macintosh, Amiga, or any platform that offers an ANSI/ISO C compiler. Maybe even PalmOS.

Version 1.3 unites the improvements of later version 1.1 releases, such as UNDO, with Thomas Payerle's support for Adrift 3.90 games in version 1.2, and new support for Adrift 3.80 games, resulting in a single open source Adrift runner that seamlessly plays Adrift version 4.00, version 3.90, and version 3.80 games. Also new for release 1.3 is a Macintosh build.

SCARE Version 1.3 is designed to be compatible with the Adrift Runner version 4.00.42, with some version 4.00.44 features. It automatically converts Adrift version 3.90 and version 3.80 games into version 4.00 format before playing them.

(Information taken from the SCARE website)