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Programming vs. Authoring

What is the difference between programming and authoring? Is it the same difference as between code and literature? I am puzzled by this. Thanks in advance. -- Cassandra Palop 05:16, 16 February 2007 (EST)

I've always taken it to mean the same thing -- synonymous. But, I've never given it any thought before. Now that I have, I have a couple ideas/opinions. Programming encompasses all kinds of software, including IF. To me, "authoring" seems more game-specific. Hmm.. maybe that's a stretch. Also, programming is one part of the process (design, writing, etc. making up the other pieces). To me, "authoring" seems like everything combined. If you author a game, you created the concept, you wrote the text, you did the programming, everything. Anybody else have opinions (or better, facts) about the difference?