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How it begins

Hi, I wrote a paragraph dealing with How It Begins. As now the Section has a pretty decent content I only wanted to paste my version here in case somebody wanted to add something else. :) -- Cassandra Palop 16:13, 16 December 2006 (EST)

An initial warning informs the player that even though some characters are named like actual people the description of their personalities is purely fictional. Another warning follows: the game contains explicit spoilers for Infocom’s Infidel. Finally the author acknowledges that Zork and Infidel are copyrighted by Activision and that elements of both games are used with permission.
You are currently investigating the disappearance of several UFOs in the Bermuda Triangle but the authorities are temporarily blocking your efforts. In order to go unnoticed you are drinking coffee in a fast food restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida, while playing with Infidel on your PDA (your only possession) to kill time. Now, you are beginning to lose your temper: on the one hand you have spent sixteen years stuck in the game, on the other hand a stinking tramp has just seated at the table opposite you.

Mmm... and sorry for my English... I am not a native speaker. -- Cassandra Palop 16:18, 16 December 2006 (EST)