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This is a list of the University of Michigan-Dearborn CIS 487/587 games. From that page, you may play the games on-line, view the source code, or download the story files for each game.

These games were written as one of the class assignments. In 2006, the instructor was Associate Professor Bruce Maxim. His personal webpage is here. The IF assignment page is here. The game Metagame! from 2002 describes the assignment this way:

This assignment will give you an opportunity to write a piece of interactive fiction. This will involve creating both a virtual world and a story in which the player must overcome conflicts to achieve goals and win the game.

Unless otherwise indicated, all games are written in Inform 6 for the Z-code platform. The first games written in Inform 7 were in 2006.


The following 4 games were released in 1999:


The following ? games were released in 2000:



The following 13 games were released in October 2002:


The following 17 games were released in October 2003:


The following 11 games were released in October 2004:


The following 25 games were released in October 2005:


The following 25 games were released in October 2006:

Inform 6

Inform 7