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This is a Test.

To Do

Currently focusing on reviews for ParserComp 2015, Spring Thing 2015, and ShuffleComp: Disc 2:

  • Adding review links to these three competition pages.~~
  • Add these same review links to the reviewer pages.~~
  • Creating new reviewer pages and adding reviewers category where necessary.
  • Various odds and ends I come across.

OK, I think I've now finished the review-related stuff above, unless more get added. (18-May-2015).

Also noticed that links to older reviews (past IFComps, etc.) on Joey Jones' and Christopher Huang's blogs are missing from their People pages. Not jumping into that right now, though. Have added some old review links for some of the other authors already (Emily Short, Sam Ashwell, Caleb Wilson, Andrew Schultz, MTW, Joseph Geipel). I limited my searches to Spring Thing, IFComp, ShuffleComp 1 and 2, and ParserComp, so there may be other reviews that are still unlinked for some of those reviewers.

21-May-2015: Adding entries from competitions above to the authors' pages. I think these are all done except for pseudonymous entries.