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Template Testing

Table Tossing

Compass roses

   W  .  E
Example 1: Bronze (Emily Short; 2006).
NW ^ ^
 W @ E 
SW ^
Example 2: A New Life (Alexandre Owen Muñiz; 2005).
 W * E  In
SW S SE Down
Example 3: Mother Loose (Irene Callaci; 1998).
Example 4: Winter Wonderland (Laura A. Knauth; 1999).


northwest (nw)
noordwest (nw)
north (n)
noord (n)
northeast (ne)
noordoost (no)
  up (u)
omhoog (h)
    fore (f)
west (w)
west (w)
Compass rose1.png east (e)
oost (o)
  down (d)
omlaag (l)
  port (p)
Ship genre icon.png starboard (sb)
southwest (sw)
zuidwest (zw)
south (s)
zuid (z)
southeast (se)
zuidoost (zo)

System Commands

about  ?
amusing  ?
or normal
help  ?
or hints
hints on  ?
hints off  ?
info  ?
oops or o  ?
quit or q  ?
restart  ?
restore  ?
save  ?
score  ?
or script on
or transcript
or transcript on
script off
or transcript off
or noscript
or unscript
or short
undo  ?
or long
version  ?


Sample table
Terp OS Details
WinFrotz Windows by John Doe


Does this become 37?: 37

ADRIFT "Code" Markup Testing

  • (selected) Male
  • (checked) 30 to 50 years
  • Character name: Field begin.pngDavidField end.png


Other System Games of 2004

Game Title Author(s) Release date Comments More Info
Alesian Plains Paul Allen Panks - (Commodore)
B-Venture Paul Allen Panks - (DOS)
Dogs Dennis Merritt? Jul-2004 Anzi! IF Toolkit
Duck World Dennis Merritt? Jul-2004 Anzi! IF Toolkit
Dunric's 5K Adventure Paul Allen Panks - (DOS)
Dunwich Marijn Haverbeke - DOS? [1]
Fairlight Castle Paul Allen Panks - (DOS)
Getting Back To Sleep Patrick Evans (IceDragon) - IF Comp 2004
Habeas Dorkus Adult Swim Apr/May-2004? Flash text adv Play Online
Halite Paul Allen Panks - (DOS)
Ninja v1.30 Paul Allen Panks - IF Comp 2004
Portals Dennis Merritt? Jul-2004 Anzi! IF Toolkit
The Golden French Fry Paul Allen Panks - (DOS)
The Melarkian Paul Allen Panks - (DOS)
The Quest for Waitomo Cave Paul Allen Panks - non-comp
The Rise of the Lost XO Play - commercial CYOA for iPod XO Play
Tiny Basic 8K Adventure Paul Allen Panks - (DOS)
Un paseo for Faenor IO Group - Java; Spanish Baf's

Rough Notes

Note to self: Remove items from this list when they are in above tables.

  • Amusement Park, by Penczer Attila (as Algol)
  • And So It Goes, by Adam Conover
  • Cave, by William Stott [Demo]
  • Deklinator, by Chris Menear [German]
  • Die Vollkommene Masse, by Alice Merridew
  • Digging thru Doctrine of the Dead, by Simmon Keith Barney
  • ETO, by Ian Waddell
  • Fade to Black, by Jake Wildstrom
  • Flametop, by Dave J. Malaguti [Best of Still Life in 2004 IF Art Show]
  • George Bush and the PDB, by Curt Siffert [2]
  • Get Magazine. Open Magazine. Read Article., by Simon Scott
  • Guss's Death, by Kyle Frownfelter
  • IF Quake, by Jason Bergman [3]
  • Jazz auf Tegemis, by Joerg Rosenbauer
  • Parlour, by A. Ninny [AIF]
  • Reflections, by Timberwulf [AIF; no longer publicly available]
  • Stowaway, by Johnny Freebase [Adrift; rel 22 07 04]
  • The Enterprise Incidents, by Brendan Desilets
  • The Fire Tower, by Jacqueline A. Lott [Best of Show in 2004 IF Art Show]
  • The Gate, by Owen Parish
  • The Last Hour, by Roberto Grassi [released 13-02-04]
  • The Sleep Over, by BBBen [Adrift; rel 2004-01-02; SAIFA]
  • To Score Or Not To Score, by David Whyld [Adrift; rel 01 03 04]
  • Toeing the Line, by Gregory Weir
  • Turning Point, by Robert Rafgon
  • Twilight of the Dogs, by Jake Wildstrom
  • Zombies!, by Chris Cenotti


  • Monsters (Release 2), by Daniel Hiebert (Tech) [Release 2 released 22-02-04; however, it was on my 2003 List]
  • Adventure 770, a new version of Adventure for Linux/Windows/DOS, ported by Mike Arnautov [4]
  • Shadowgate (Inform port), by David Griffith; rgif post mentions it on Oct 27 2003


Sources checked:

  • my allxyr.html#yr2004 page [as of Dec 19, 2004]
  • InsideAdrift issues 17, 18, 19
  • [2004 IF Art Show]
  • [SAIFA; but it seems to stop at January 2004?]
  • a Aug. 23 2004 post by David Whyld listing 55 games in 2004, not counting 6 in the Summer Comp.
  • download from (Amzi! IF Toolkit; link from XYZZYnews; Dennis)
  • XYZZYnews site (which gives almost nothing when searching for 2004)
  • ALAN site [nothing new as of Dec 19, 2004; only game mentioned was that there was one in the annual comp.]
  • Hugo site [Future Boy!, of course]
  • Brass Lantern [nothing; doesn't seem to have a section for new IF games]
  • special thanks to Greg Boettcher for many additions
  • 24 Hours of Inform (the 3rd HOI games will be released in 2005)
  • Quest site

To Check:

  • Baf's Guide
  • Adrift site & forums
  • The Fourth One-Hour Game Competition had 16 entries. What were they? Download
  • issues of SPAG
  • Google Groups for rgif, raif
  • Google Groups for xtrek
  • IF Italia
  • "recent additions to archive" posts
  • Trotting Krips
  • my 'unplayed games' directory
[wacky-if] Ghogg says, "hm, Zombie4 seems to be using Cyrillic characters"
[wacky-if] Rob asks, "Zombie4?"
[wacky-if] Ghogg says, "well, when I looked at unprocessed I downloaded the other stuff in there too"
[wacky-if] Rob says, "ah yeah, heh"
[wacky-if] Ghogg says, "anyway, if it's Russian and acutal IF, it's like the second one in existence"
[wacky-if] inky says, "it is weird to me how much stuff gets uploaded with no annoucnement"
[wacky-if] Rob says, "yeah"