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Following this thread, this is an attempt to list some of the work that needs to be done on some interpreters. This encompasses bugs, features, and even ideas for new projects.


- See the buglist on Github: allow CSS stylesheets to be passed in URLs, implement timed effects, autosave system, etc.

  • Skills : JavaScript, Z-Machine knowledge

- Is the buglist on GoogleCode still relevant?


- Implement sounds

  • Skills : JavaScript, Glulx knowledge

- Detailed instructions / documentation? (kind of like that

  • Skills : fiddling with zarf's tools until you get it right, clear writing


- Need an official maintainer

  • Skills : C

- Bug reports

  • Skills : none?

- I think the Linux version has a bug where some one-letter commands are not recognized, but I could be wrong (todo: test and see)

- Customization ? UI ? No idea...

Glulxe interpreters

- Are there still issues with sound ? Is Doe's list of bugs/incompatibilities still pertinent ?

  • Skills: don't know


- Detailed instructions on how to use this

  • Skills: C64 and multi-function cartridges (like 1541 Ultimate)

- Accents are not displayed yet

  • Skills: being awesome at C64 programming

- perf improvements? (Inform 7 games are way too slow)

  • I doubt it's possible since the author seems pretty awesome at C64 stuff
  • Skills: being awesome at C64 programming


- Mobile interpreters? (on Android, iPhone, etc)

  • Skills: unknown yet

- A Choosatron-style interpreter (that prints the output on 'receipt'-sized thermal paper) would be amazing

  • Maybe we can use a Rasberry Pi for that (frotz is available on it + some people (see ) interface raspPi (and its touch screen) and thermal printers
  • Skills: Arduino, code, etc.