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Most people who know me on the internet know me as Ryukage (or RyuKage, depending on when they first met me), but people from r.a.i-f are probably more familiar with me as M.D. Dollahite. I am a fan of console RPGs, anime, Tolkeinesque fantasy, science fiction, and logic puzzles. I am totally obsessed with ninja. Before joining the IF Community I was part of a small community called Ref Power built around collaborative fiction writing. When that group drifted apart in 2004, I moved on to IF. I haven't published any games yet, but I have a couple in the works.

I am the creator of a fantasy setting called El Arcana, which has proven somewhat popular among the other members of Ref Power. The most important feature of the setting is that it considers magic an orderly science, not random mysticism. No finger wiggling or pseudo-Latin chanting required, and sorcerors can't just do whatever they please whenever they please. "Words of Power" are right out. I plan to create a few IF games using this setting sometime in the future.