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See Steven Odhner for links to reviews and whatnot.

No author credits, because I rarely see any projects through to completion. I beta-test sometimes, though there aren't any mentioned on my page yet. Let me know if for some reason you stumble across this page and have a sudden urge to have me try to break your game. I excel at breaking games.

For some (very) minor amusement, read this thing I wrote: The Perils of Poor Craftsmanship

For some (very) minor amusement that takes up more of your time, check out my Interactive Fiction experiment in Google Buzz. I made it public, so anyone who wanted could join in. Not surprisingly, this turned out to be a few of my friends who took pity on me. It started off with this first page: Interactive Fiction Buzz but then something odd happened where Buzz locked it down and told me that I had disabled comments even though I totally didn't. I tried to re-enable the comments and Google Buzz nodded and patted me on the head and said no problem, but then acted like it was still locked. So I just gave up and started a new buzz and continued it there: Interactive Fiction Buzz... Continued! I also had a Google Doc that I used to track the progress of the game so people could glance at room descriptions and the inventory or whatever on the fly: Status Doc

Or you can just read all the deaths, most of which are totally Kelby's fault.