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OK, real quickly: I have just ported the Cloak of Darkness program to the format Scott Adams used for his adventures games in the late 1970s. This file can be downloaded here.

I had to do some hacks to pull it off; namely, I have the adventure teleport the player from one room to another instantly under certain circumstances:

   * If the player tries to go out in to the street from the foyer, they enter the street. They are then instantly teleported from the street back to the foyer with the "You've only just arrived, and besides, the weather outside seems to be getting worse." message.
   * If the player has hung up the cloak, and enters the bar, they are instantly teleported from a dark room to the actual bar.

Basically, since Scott Adams' format kills the player if they hit a wall in the dark, I made the bar a dark room with exits in all directions. If they take any of the exits, they go to another dark room and have a 50% chance of messing up the message for every turn they are in the second dark room. Both the first and second dark room's "North" exit takes them back to the foyer.

Another hack is that the Cloak is not a normal pickable (carryable) item. Instead, "drop cloak" is explicitly given two actions:

   * Give the player the "This isn't the best place to leave a smart cloak like that lying around!" message in any room besides the cloakroom
   * Put the cloak on the hook in the cloakroom, and set the flag so the person, when in the dark room, is instantly teleported to the bar.

Also, get cloak when the cloak is in the cloakroom picks up the cloak, and clears the "telport from dark room to bar" flag.

The game makes assumptions that Scott Adams' adventures never had, but it works pretty well. In ScottFree, I never see the teleport. It is possible, were this file used in an actual 1970s computer, that the player might see a brief flash of the room they were teleported from before being teleported.