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OK, going through some of the old Spring Thing games, I found some games that are absolute turkeys in terms of playability. In particular, the ADRIFT games, as often as not, don't run in Linux.

As just one example, lets look at Robert Street's otherwise excellent "The Potter and the Mould". This games includes the following message which, quite bluntly, is a slap in the face for people who use Macintoshes or Linux:

"This game is designed to be played through the standard ADRIFT runner. Any other program is only an approximation of ADRIFT and will not provide the best experience."

Keep in mind, ADRIFT writers, that ADRIFT runner is a Windows-only program. In addition, the ADRIFT runner does not run in Wine (A Windows emulator) in Linux. This would not be too bad if games actually ran in Scare, the cross-platform ADRIFT runner. But, often times they don't.

In the case of "The Potter and the Mould", there is a Scare bug where a certain important object in front of the lab is not visible, making the puzzle impossible to solve.

Please, if you are going to use ADRIFT as your programming platform, **test the game in the Windows port of Scare** to make sure it is solvable, and that no key messages mysteriously disappear. Here is a link to the Windows port of Scare to help you out:

Thank you for your understanding, and happy adventuring.

- Sam