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This page is about the interactive fiction wanna-be author and fan Simuloid.

Who is Simuloid

My real name is Steve Rowe, and I'm a research engineer living near Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States.

My non-family passions are role-playing games, programming, and artificial intelligence. I have been playing interactive fiction games since Scott Adams hooked me on my Apple ][+ back in 1980. I played all the Infocom games I could afford. I have been following the IF competition for years, my favorite game of the last 10 years is the one-room adventure Suveh Nux, and I am a total fan-boy of Emily Short.

Why did I Sign Up?

Because this is where all the cool kids hang out? OK, not so much. It's because I love IF and I saw an opportunity to contribute in a couple of small but measurable ways:

  1. I was originally directed here by Alex Warren's online authoring page, when I realized that my wiki foundation login didn't automatically sign me in.
  2. Now that I'm here, I can actually add to and correct articles. I know a thing or two about wikiscript.
  3. If people are still signing up on the wiki, it tells the pillars of the IF community that there is still life in the old girl.
  4. Finally, it might actually prompt me to get off my butt and finish any of the half-dozen games I have started and abandoned.

The Games I have Published

The murmur of the slight breeze sighing through the empty meadow is the only competition to the crickets' chirping.

Simuloid 19:59, 22 August 2013 (UTC)