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Pages with several games

  • Quest. Homepage for Quest (Language). Contains, among other things, many Quest games that can be downloaded for free.
  • Reality-On-The-Norm. Reality-On-The-Norm is a series of games by various authors set in the same environment, and featuring many of the same characters. Everybody is invited to make more games. Most of the games are graphical point-and-click games. Some are IF. Download games for free.
  • iFiction. Play many games online for free.
  • Play games directly from this mirror of the IF Archive on your browser. Restricted to Inform, TADS, and Glulx games with story files ending in .z3, .z5, .z8, .gam, .blb, or .gblorb.
  • Femo Duo Entertainment Homepage of two programmers. Has games that can be downloaded for free: two graphical games with text interface, one in English, one in both English and Dutch.
  • Adventure Games Live. Play menu-based text adventure games online for free; no Java or cookies are required. Game progress is saved automatically on the server with each move. Eight full-length games are available, and more are on the way.

Individual games

  • Thy Dungeonman II on the page of demos for Videlectrix. Also demos of other not-IF games. Play online for free.
  • Things that Don't Exist by Nicholas A Matteo. Two versions of a Inform game that can be downloaded for free. Part of the Things That Don't Exist Excellent Remix contest. The page has information about the contest; the game is about halfway down the page.