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Zag is a Glulx interpreter written in Java. It was created in 2003 by Jon Zeppieri. The current version (Zag 1.07) created by David Turner requires Sun JRE 1.4 or better to use.

It's very likely that Zag is based in some way to Zig (the Z-Machine in Glulx), which Jon released in 2002.

As of June 2014 Zag is maintained by Banbury. The current version is 1.1.0 with many bug fixes, complete Glk support and font anti-aliasing. It can be downloaded from the link below. The new version requires Java 7, but can be compiled from source to use Java 6.


  • Because Zag is written in Java, it can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX machines.
  • Supports Glulx 3.1.2
  • Can run large multimedia Glulx games.

New features (1.1.0)

  • Launchers for all platforms
  • Fonts anti-aliasing
  • Support for OGG Vorbis Audio
  • Full unicode support
  • Data files are now written and read correctly.
  • And lots more.

List of changes

Version History

  • 28-Jul-2003 - Zag ?.?? released (version number to be determined)
  • 08-Jan-2004 - Zag 1.02 released.
  • 15-Jun-2004 - Zag 1.05 released.
  • 18-Mar-2005 - Zag 1.06 released.
  • 1-Jun-2012 - Zag 1.07 released (first David Turner release).
  • 06-Jul-2014 - Zag 1.1.0 released